JDM V8 STi Seats

I picked up some JDM V8 STi seats off a good friend of mine, they of course had some rust where the mounting bolts go. If you own a Subaru you know exactly what I am talking about.

I tried many things, wire brush, wire wheel, and naval jelly however a grinding stone on a dremel tool worked best.

I bought a starter pack of Por 15 and followed the instructions. I had plenty to do both front seats.

The final product!

100k Mile Update on my Technafit brake lines

These are my pristine Technafit brake lines with 100k miles on them.

I called Technafit and spoke to THE rudest person on the earth so I ended up buying some goodridge lines instead to replace them.

Wagon Update

Just a little update as to whats been going on with the wagon.
1. I removed the 27mm Whiteline front sway bar. (to twitchy) and replaced it with a Cobb 22mm.
2. I removed the front subframe to loose 25lbs.
3. I replaced the Technafit brake lines since they were cracked and in bad shape and replaced them with Goodridge lines after some absolutely horrible customer service from Stuart Trotter @ Technafit.
4. I finally installed the RCE Wagon springs on my STI struts.


Richele and I took some pictures at the old Dixie Cup factory with the vtec machines.


Island Dragway

Still cant launch the thing to save my life!

Eibach Pro-System

Front Brembos

I picked up some front Brembo’s for the wagon last week. What a difference in size!

Autohatches New Tach

STI Cluster

My babe got me an 05 STi cluster for Christmas!
STi Cluster

Wagon Use #411

Dog Pen
Dog Pen