I had the car retuned at Area1320 with a Cobb Accessport V3 back in October. Live tuning SD ftw! 333WHP and 287wtq @19psi on 93oct.


I’ve been seeing alot of bugeyes with rust lately so I decided to investigate. I found a decent amount of rust under the seam sealer on the rear passenger side wheel well. I scrubbed it down as best I could and put two coats of por 15 on it. Maybe that will delay the inevitable. Nothing has started showing on the outside yet.

Test Mode Switch

I turned my no longer used fog light switch into a test mode switch using a pigtail I got from the junk yard. No more fishing around under the dash for those damn green connectors. I did grab a spare set of test mode connectors (from a Subaru at the junk yard) to replace the crimp on connectors but I havent gotten around to putting them on yet.

V Limited Lip

Ebay V Limited Knockoff. Only took eight years. haha

GM Map & IAT Sensors

Going speed density means the need for accurate IAT sensor readings. The stock location is not the best location so most people move the IAT sensor to the intercooler piping. The GM 3 bar map sensor ended up not working well with the Accessport so I went back to the stock map sensor.


DCCD Pro Install

Wired up the DCCD Pro with the STi cluster interface. The DCCD Pro made a huge difference in how the car handles and all for the better. Its amazing.

I made a video demonstrating the STi cluster interface.

Valve Cover Gaskets

Replaced the valve cover gaskets at 141k.

JDM V8 STi Seats

I picked up some JDM V8 STi seats off a good friend of mine, they of course had some rust where the mounting bolts go. If you own a Subaru you know exactly what I am talking about.

I tried many things, wire brush, wire wheel, and naval jelly however a grinding stone on a dremel tool worked best.

I bought a starter pack of Por 15 and followed the instructions. I had plenty to do both front seats.

The final product!

100k Mile Update on my Technafit brake lines

These are my pristine Technafit brake lines with 100k miles on them.

I called Technafit and spoke to THE rudest person on the earth so I ended up buying some goodridge lines instead to replace them.

Wagon Update

Just a little update as to whats been going on with the wagon.
1. I removed the 27mm Whiteline front sway bar. (to twitchy) and replaced it with a Cobb 22mm.
2. I removed the front subframe to loose 25lbs.
3. I replaced the Technafit brake lines since they were cracked and in bad shape and replaced them with Goodridge lines after some absolutely horrible customer service from Stuart Trotter @ Technafit.
4. I finally installed the RCE Wagon springs on my STI struts.

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