Tastey Torque Samiches

Got the soccer mom magnet tuned yesterday down at Xotic by Andy. The car is a totally diffrent beast, and Andy REALLY knows what he’s doing. Very proffesional and a stand up guy. The whole proccess took about 2.5 hours including a short road tune. The beast put down 236hp and 228lbs of torque on […]

mmm bass…

Picked up a subisound 10″ Wagon specific box with an RF Punch sub! Dosent waste to much space and gives me the needed bump for my bass addiction. Pics going into the gallery soon.


So my wonderfull oil pressure and egt gauges arent working after going through the trouble of having Area 1320 install the probes. You can read about the nightmare here On the upside I finnaly got the sticker that Kevin has been bugging me to get for what seems like an eternity.