The Greddy SP2 has made its way onto the wagon. Its a much nicer looking piece than the Invidia. Jury is still out on the sound. Its quiet, really quiet also has more of a bassy tone. At least it dosent drone like the Invidia.

Purple Gear Oil = +15HP!

Changed up that smelly ass gear oil in the rear diff the other day. Only one shard of metal on the drain plug. I suppose thats a good thing. The tranny fluid will be changed as soon as I get ahold of a T70 socket. Thanks for using something off the wall for a drain […]


The Defi’s went in on wednesday, EGT and Boost are working beautifully. Still have to pickup a oil galley plug for the oil pressure. Ryan over at Area1320 debadged my front grill last night. The wagon is lookin like the mean child eating machine that she is!

Credit Card Meltdown

I ordered a set of Defi BF red gauges. Boost, Oil Pressure, EGT and the Defi Link II controller. Hopefully they work out alot better than my Maddad gauges. Looks like I’ll be forced to do the red gauge cluster conversion also.