Got the stuff back from the paint shop (holy **** they are fast!). The color seems to match pretty damn well. Wont know till the rest of the car gets washed. Some panels still need some adjustment and the fender liners need to be put in. Have to get down to Ryan again so he […]

Bumper Cut

Thanks guys! Ryan @ Area1320 did a fabulous job with the bumper yesterday. The one intercooler pipe needed to be shortened a little bit but otherwise there werent any other issues. 11178111811118411187 The fenders and bumper are now off the car and at the body shop for paint. They should be back on this weekend.

Status Update

This weekend a bunch of things are going to happen. The wagon is getting cleaned inside and out, claybared, lowered a little more, realigned, sway bars redone to get rid of the clunking, PR coilover repreloaded, and the new fenders and bumper are going on (unpainted). I have the new bumpers and fender, Ryan @ […]

Crash Update

Took the front bumper off today to see exactly what is messed up. The FMIC bracket was mangled to hell, I got it as straight as I could. Also the brackets on the bottom of the intercooler needed some straightening. All in all its back on pretty straight. The bumper is toast along with the […]

Crash Action

Little bit of crash action today on the way to the sonic meet. She still holds boost and drives straight. 1024410247103121031410316 Depending on the weather tomorrow the front bumper is gonna come off and see what exactly got jacked up. The intercooler is not sitting straight. May have to put the stock tmic back into […]