Finnaly got the wagon aligned today at Firestone. The guy that did it seemed to be enthused to work on it, or at least the guy at the counter made it seem that way. She seems to be a little more stable at high(er) speeds and corners. Just need to get the EGT and Oil pressure probes in and I should be done for a while.

Upcomming Events

So last night was a blast at the weekly Tuesday Night Cedar Crest Applebees meet. Jim showed up to for a little bit with his turbocharged (mmmm turbo…) Type R, wich I thought was pretty cool. Someone mentioned a Rally-X that isnt to far away. I am thinking about getting a roll of painters tape and running, we’ll see. I still have yet to get the wagon aligned after the spring install. Hopefully this weekend I’ll take it to firestone and see if they can do it or not.

In the quest for non fat people inspired seats…

After the whole spring install ordeal I have came to the conclusion that Subaru designed the 05 WRX seats for the majority of the overweight American population. Forutunatly my butt hasent expanded to the size of a walrus’s ass yet. This makes for scary situations while driving in a spirited manner as I seem to be concentrating more on keeping myself on one side of the seat or the other rather than driving. I figured it was time for some racing seats (aka BIG $$$$). I didnt find any viable options that would let me keep the side air bag wich I would preferably not loose. USDM STi seats supposedly have the same “wide” seat and JDM STi seats are supposedly made for skinnier people but dont have side air bags. 02-03 WRX seats have the air bags and are made for skinnier people but are ugly as sin compared to the stock 05’s. I eventually stumbled across a thread on where someone mentioned the CG-Lock ( ). It allows for tightning the lap portion of the stock seat belts to keep you in position while taking a corner at a decent clip. I havent orderd them yet but they are relativly cheap @ $41 for one or $75 for a set of two. I’ll probably break down and order them this upcomming week.