I see alot of requests for TurboXS Utec documentation firmware and base maps, here is my attempt at putting them all in one place. Let me know if I have something wrong or if you have something you want to add.

Official Manuals – Read this first!
WRX-STI UTEC user Guide
TurboXS UTEC Delta User Manual Supplement

Unofficial Manuals – Read this second!
Mick The Ginge’s UTEC Quick Guide Part Deux

Maps and Paremeters
02-05 WRX UTEC
04-05 STi UTEC
02-05 WRX UTEC Delta
06-11 UTEC Delta

UTEC Firmware (Original UTEC)
Original UTEC 5.8 Firmware

UTEC Delta Firmware
UTEC Delta V23B Firmware

Delta USB Drivers
Delta USB Drivers

TurboXS Tuner
Tuna V23

Hyperterminal for Windows 7

All files are property of their respected owners.


Tobias Tobin is also hosting the same files along with more in depth information. HERE

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  1. Hey guys! Since horsepower has been increased in the WRX 2009, I was wondering if there’s a specific map for this year… I could only find a 2008 map but I’m not that confident to use it without a testimonial because of the same reason. Can you guys enlighten me?

    1. I have the same concerns that you do. I dont have any more info than what I could find on the Turbo XS website (which didnt help). I would give them a call and see what they say, or just install it in your tuners parking lot and have it tuned immediately.

  2. I’m getting a zip file corruption as well. Seems like all files but was trying to get the 02-05 utec maps and the tuna v23 software. I tried ie and firefox. The files do get downloaded and looking at them with a hex editor does reveal that they are zip file but they have crc errors. I tried the built in windows zip file tool and WinRAR, same result.

    1. Nuts they are all corrupt! Sorry about that, I’ll see if I still have the working files at home.

  3. I appreciate it. I’m putting all of my old speed equipment beck on my 02 to have some fun with it before I replace it.

    1. I looked through my backups and am not finding the files. I’ll have to see if my source still has them. Stuff happens, especially with FTP. I moved the site to a different host and something went wrong.

    1. So I just picked up a 2004 wrx with a (Turbo XS Tuner wideband AF ratio logging system) WHT files do I need to download to have access to tuning it through that?

  4. Tuning access with or without the afr add-on is via a serial port and a terminal emulator program such as hyperterm

  5. I’ve never used the tuna but I would suggest reading through the user manuals at the top of the page.

  6. so where are the original STI utec firmware updates . Can I use the v23 delta firmware on my sti utec? Does hyperterminal flash the utec or do I need a different program to flash?

    1. Maybe its located under the “UTEC Firmware (Original UTEC)” heading? You should only need hyperterminal to update the firmware. I’m sure the official UTEC manuals can answer your questions better than I can.

  7. Not really to sure my friend im not really getting many of my questions answered an i just need to know what files i need to download to my computer to access the tunes the previous owner has on the vehicle! i got the tunav23 an a hyperterminal do you know if that is all i need to get started?

    1. To access the tunes (on the UTEC) you just need hyperterminal, the tuna dosent even come into play unless your logging. The official UTEC manual is actually very helpful. 😉

  8. Can we piggyback the utec on a GEMS plug and play ecu? utec is fantastic with the self tuning potential and the different maps but I feel Gems ecu fine tune more parameters than utec.

  9. Some people open source tune and then add a utec on top. You just have to be really careful with what your doing. I’ve never heard of a gems before but they look pretty cool. I would use extreme caution when trying it out.

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